Objekt 7001
[former military site from GDR times]
Freudenberg near BERLIN

Raw backdrops.Dense woods.Abandoned bunkers

17–19.08 2018


OPEN CALL for artists of all genres

One of the barracks called “Kita 2000” at Objekt 7001 seems just perfect as a gallery space and so we’re looking for artists of all genres who want to display their work there.
Kita 2000 offers various rooms different size which are just waiting for creative minds and their ideas.
Besides there is also some room for installations, visuals and mappings at various places across the site.
If you want to contribute to 7001 tell us a bit about yourself and your art and send us a brief concept outlining your ideas for our festival at art@7001festival.com
All artists chosen to contribute will receive a festival ticket for free and several drink and food vouchers.